1. In the movie “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character dies in accident and finds himself in heaven but learns that he will never be reunited with his wife because she had committed suicide, blaming herself for the previous deaths of their two children and now for her husband’s death.

    Instead of accepting that he would never see his wife again, he literally goes to Hell to find his wife. It would be the first time he had rescued his wife from depression. Before his death, she was so overcome with grief over the loss of their children she was committed to a mental hospital after she attempted suicide. And like then, Williams’ character pulls his wife through, telling her it wasn’t her fault that their children died.

    Though I’m an atheist and if you ask me to be honest I’ll tell you I don’t believe there is anything for us after this life, this movie stayed with me ever since I saw it in high school. After losing my dad and my younger brother, I’m beginning to think why: maybe this movie gives me hope that there is something beautiful waiting for us after this life. Maybe there is hope. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I’m usually unfazed by celebrity deaths but when I heard Williams had passed away from suicide, it hit me. Hard. I remembered the speech he gave his wife in the movie.

    Every photo of Williams is of him smiling and laughing. It’s hard to fathom that behind that smile there was something dark and not so funny. I don’t think people who commit suicide are damned to hell.

    I hope I’m wrong about what happens after we die. I hope Williams is finally at peace. I hope he knew how much he was loved and celebrated.

    I hope if someone I knew and loved was battling depression, I would be able to rescue them.

  2. Wired recycling its stories and covers? 

    Granted, Brad Pitt’s “New Rules” were in 2008 so I guess some new technology rules were warranted. 

  3. heisenbergchronicles:

    BCS filming on location in ABQ today. Photo by Miguel Jaramillo of Breaking Bad Locations.

  4. Created a Netflix profile for friends and family. 

  6. When my business partner and his wife “discuss” parental matters while at work (we work out of his house). 

  7. Social media philanthropic.

  8. Selfies.

  9. "If you’re driving around LA today don’t be surprised to see Breaking Bad’s Walter White staring down at you. With a print campaign to follow next month, AMC is putting up Emmy consideration billboards in several locations around the city to remind voters that the now-completed show is still eligible to repeat its Best Drama series win last year." (X)

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  10. Photos from the ABQ Rail Yards Market on Sunday. 

  11. Though it was Mother’s Day, Millie ended up with a gift. Love the expression on her face. Please excuse the untended weeds in the background.  

  12. On our first Halloween together, Jen and I watched this movie based on my assumption that it was a horror movie. It was scary, just not in the way we thought it was going to be. 

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  13. Running inspiration.

  14. Anatomy of a popsicle (and life)

  15. Was playing my guilty pleasure  - Stampede Run. The game’s developer, Zynga, had just put out a new update. While I was jumping over barrels and dodging bulls I notice a debug button and to my surprise I find developer tools, including a fly feature that didn’t exist before. Whoops.